This is the work i made for the ‘Emile Van Dorenmuseum’, here in Genk in 2008.

We got a selection of 10 or so paintings of the Belgian painter Emile Van Doren. He lived from 1865 till 1949. We had to make an animation, using 1 of or more of his paintings. But i got the idea to blend them all together, trying to reconstruct how our landscape would have looked like, in the 1900’s, when he painted these views.

When this turned out pretty ok, i figured i might as well try the same, but with pictures i would shoot myself. I went to one of our nature parks, and tried to find the same views and compisitions as in the paintings. This turned out ok as well.

So the work contains 2 long prints, one of the paintingspanorama and of the photopanorama. They are each about 1,5 meter long in real life and hang here in Genk, in the Emile Van Dorenmuseum.

The cool thing is, RASA vzw (, an artgroup committed to arteducation for kids and youth, are about to start a traveling exhibition called: ‘360°, landscape in movement’. They visited our local exhibition and noticed my prints. They were very interested in borrowing them for their ‘360°’ exhibition, travelling throughout Belgium and the Netherlands for 2 whole years.

So our city (with the superduper help of Kristof Reulens and Eddie Guldolf) printed my prints a second time and so i’m now officially part of the ‘360°’ exhibition, starting the 9th or november in Sint Niklaas, Belgium.

All information about were and when ‘360°, landscape in movement’ will be and who are the participating artists, can be found here:

Be sure to drop by if i made you curious!

Pictures from the exhibitions will follow.

My work:

The invitation for the opening in Sint Niklaas. All are welcome.