Hello friends,

how are things? I just wanted keep you guys up to date about my whereabouts and activities.

February the 6th I’ve started my new internship in Brussels, in the animationstudio [sinematik]*. The studio is part of the French production company ”Blue Spirit” (situated in Paris and Angoulême). I’ll be staying there untill the end of june.

I’m working on a animated feature film(!!) called “Le Tableau” (=The Painting). It’s kind of a dream come true. Still don’t realise i am making a movie. So very excited about it.. Here you see the pilot that has been made in 2006: http://www.spirit-prod.com/site/le_tableau.html

At the moment I am the head of background modeling, which is totally insane. =) I feel very very flattered with all the responsibility that has been giving me. I am responsible for completely modeling a pretty important scene in the film. That’s all i can say.

Other than that I am still staying in Leuven. Doing Leuven-Brussels, Brussels-Leuven every day. I’m still working on my graduationfilm for next year (about the mice), but mainly on the inside of my head.

That’s all I have to say. There is much more I
could say, but this wouldn’t be the right place. =)

Here you see a bunch of screenshots I took from the pilot. Notice how the coloursceme goes from almost not saturared to very saturated. (All images and movies © Blue Spirit)

bye! Wouter