Here’s the sculpture I made of my short’s main character: Snickers the Mouse.

As you may (or may not) know, my short is the story of a mouse, Snickers, in a petshop. The little guy has got one big problem: because of his huge ears he has a hard time fitting in with the other mice . Will he be able to find a mousebuddy? Maybe one of those humans could help him out…

This sculpture is made out of ‘Super Sculpey’, a kind of professional synthetic clay I bought via eBay. It’s pretty soft and very manageable. It can be baked as well, to make it all rigid and finalise the model. Though, due to the size of my sculpture, I can’t fit him in an oridinary oven.. I’ve read that you can also bake it by using a hairdryer. I tried that and it worked fairly good.

Before adding the Sculpey clay, i made a complete skeleton out of metal wire, attached to the foot, the base. Different thicknesses of metal wire were used. His spine for instance is very very thick, the wire going through his ears is the thinnest. I’m glad I took the time to make a solid structure before adding the clay. Otherwise I would have tons of issues later on.

It’s pretty funny to see the early plasticine models i made, a couple of months ago. Here. They are pretty much falling apart. Haha. And you can tell I didn’t really know yet what i wanted. But it was very good to make these, to flesh out what I already had imagined in my head. They are all part of my search. And you just can’t get things right, from the first try. Just work hard and keep trying.






Next step: 3D modelisation of this baby.