So my year of internships at the animationstudios Walking The Dog and Sinematik (see also here and here) in Brussels are done. It was an awesome experience. So very valuable to me, in many many ways. I’ve met amazingly talented people, all with great personalities. They’ve all learned me so many things, not only about animation. A huge thank you to all those people that have taken me under their wings this last year.

At the same time I’m moving back home (to Genk), from my student-room (in Leuven). I had a great time over there as well, especially with all my friends of the student-house. It was good for me to learn to live by myself. I feel more mature now, but still with a fair dose of childness. ;)

I’ve got july and august off, before my last year of animation at school starts, in september. But I’ll be starting production for my animated short as soon as my new computer arrives. I’m planning on going full throttle with the 3D production starting 1st of august. The movie is due june 2010. The script is written and almost final. Almost all of the designs of the characters and backgrounds are done as well. Time to give birth to this baby!

Here are some (cellphone) pictures taken in studio Sinematik, on my birthday, 17th of june, when I turned 23. I got some pies and arrived extra-early to decorate the studio for an old-school birthday-party. :) I couldn’t find party-hats, so I just made a crown myself. They even gave me 3 beautiful french comic-books! Trop chouette. An awesome ending of an incredible year.


And this might just be the most pathetic birthday-picture ever! Haha, I love it. There were about 20 folks over there, they’re all standing behind the camera.