Hi friends,

overall, my short is coming along good. The preproduction is practically done.

The animatic is almost final. The animatic is a ”rough form of the movie”, made by putting the scanned storyboards in a kind of slideshow. This way you can start working with the timing of each shot and can start adding sound to it. It’s also when the movie is really taking shape and starting to tell it’s own story. Example of Pixar’s The Incredibles HERE.

Even though my script of the story was ”final” before going into the animatic, during the making of the animatic storylines changed almost every day. Things turned out not to be as clear as i hoped. Or there was simply too little happening, or at other moments, too much happening.

I’ll tell you this, it ain’t easy. I find  it hard to deal with the uncertainty of every step. One day you really really really think that you hit the bull’s eye (storytelling wise). The next day you show it to someone and they completely can’t read the story.. (Which is totally my fault, not the viewer’s fault. It’s my job to make it clear and readable.)

But I guess that’s all part of the adventure and the beauty of filmmaking. Sometimes it feels like you’re in the middle of the desert with no water in sight. That sucks. But it sure is awesome when you hit the sweet spot and find an oasis..

So after the 8 story versions of the film,  I have reached animatic version 7.3 … And I think this really really really is IT!    ;-)

A little teaser: a piece of concept art i made, to visualise the mouse’s view of the petshop that he is in.

And here’s me working on the animatic. Snickers (the rascal next to my screen) always keeps me company while working.. =)

Happy holidays everybody!!