Hi there readers,

another update here.

I’m finally able to start animating on the film. By animating I mean making all the characters move.

This is the part I like the most. It’s where your characters really start to live on their own and where your movie is really starting to take shape. In short, it’s where the magic happens and where the juices really start flowing. (That’s my opinion at least.)

I always get very excited when I can animate. For me it’s like the reward for all your preliminary thinking, desinging and programming. The whole story has already been thought through, all the shots and compositions have been carefully chosen, all the technical stuff like modeling and rigging has been done. So now you can just completely focus on the acting without worrying too much about the bigger picture. Because you’ve already been figuring that out for the last 9 months.

The animating part is the thing I feel I am the most passionate about and it’s what I’d really like to be doing as a job. It’s the thing I like doing the most.

I’m going to stop here cus I’ve got a migraine headache.. That’s what you get for getting too excited, haha..

The deadline for the film is mid-june. I feel like the challenge for me isn’t really to figure out how to make this movie, because I’ve learned how to do that last year. The challenge is much more dealing with the stress and resposibility, because you’re all on your own making this film. The stamina for me is the biggest challenge.

Anyway, I better just go to bed and turn off the computer. Won’t be working today.

Here’s a peek into the animation process..

And the coverimage for the productiondossier of the film.