Dear friends,

I am very very excited to finally be able to show you guys some of the first final images of Mouse for sale.

There are always things that I want to enhance, but I still got like a 1,5 minute to animate, got to render everything, got to do the music, got to do the soundeffects, got to mix the sound, go to find extra voice talent and record it, got to make the filmcredits, got to do the final compositing of all the images. The list goes on and on and on. So I got to prioritise. It kinda haunts me every moment of every day. Gotta love animation…

This feels like one big meditation exercise. (To give you an idea: just animation-wise, I can do like +-6seconds of animation a day. That’s still just a small part of everything on the list and I got less than a month left. You do the math, cus I’m too afraid to.. Haha..)

The first image is of shot 4 of the film, the second one comes from the openingsshot.

I can’t really express how intense this all feels to me, but it is intense. Very very much so. I think it’s the biggest thing I have ever done in my life. I’ve been working on this film for more than a year already, so I’d rather die than quit. But I really really want to sleep right now though.. lol

peace out mateys