Hey everyone,

it’s all over!! The film is made, after MORE THAN A YEAR!

We had a jury with 4 external jurymembers, this friday the 18th of june.

(These are my supercool classmates, from left to right: Eser Unal, Annelies Vandebosch, Rik Nauwelaerts, Nele Van Hoof, and myself Wouter Bongaerts.)

It seemed like the jury was really impressed by my movie: ”The designs of the characters are absolutely beautiful, your story is really strong and funny, your animation is amazing, your use of colour is superbe, the whole of the sound fits your film perfectly, … You are ready to go direct a professional animated short. You really surprised me, Wouter. As soon as we need someone at the studio, I’m coming straight to you.” – said the 3D specialist of the jury, Toon Roebben, who was a boss of mine at one of my internshipstudios.

It’s all a bit unreal, to get this respect of people that I respect SO much. Yesterday I was walking home with some nice music on, and I just started crying of happiness.

Making this movie was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. I was really depressed the first couple of months, when I was writing the script and storyboarding the film. I had so so so much worries. About all the technical and creative problems that were going to come my way. About the script that had a ton of problems. This year was one big meditation excercise, trying to stay calm every day, to not panic, and just try to focus on the thing you are doing RIGHT NOW.

If it wasn’t for my incredible girlfriend, Lore, I don’t know if I would have been able to keep pushing on and deal with all the problems. She taught me that you can fix ANYTHING. And she’s so right about that..

At the same time making this film has been the most beautiful and rewarding thing I have ever done in my life. In more than a year I have made an animated short that actually consist entirely of my imagination. I am able now to give people an experience of 4minutes and 9seconds, of the world of my fantasy, that has always been in my head, until now.

The joy to see people laugh and smile with my film is one of the most beautiful things I have ever experienced. This film is my little baby and I have tried to put so much of myself and my heart in it. When people then really enjoy the movie and love it, that makes me feel so incredibly good. Because of the fact that this movie is a actually a reflection of my inside. I just feel so blessed with this all.

I have to go now, but a LOT more posts will follow, with behind the scenes pictures and information and lots more.

My film won’t be online for another couple of months, cus I am going to participate at as much filmfestivals possible. And for that, your film can’t be online yet. But if you want to get yourself a special edition deluxe superduper DVD of Mouse for sale: mail me!!


Peace everyone! See you later


Ps: begin september I am giving a 3D animation workshop, in Genk, Belgium. Here’s a picture for the promotion.