Hi there friends,

it’s officially vacation, but I still got enough stuff to do: doing job interviews in animationstudios, burning about 200 DVDs, organising a party and even doing interviews for a newspaper!

I got nominated for a competition between all the artschools in Limburg (=the province I live in in Belgium), as one as ”the 10 best artstudents of Limburg”. It’s called ”de Wanatoeprijs”.

What’s kind of annoying is that I can’t put my film online yet, as long as the filmfestivals I am going to participate in aren’t done. Some of them demand that your film isn’t online yet. That’s why it’s not up here yet.

But if you would still like to vote for me, visit http://www.hbvl.be/wanatoeprijs and click on the blue rectangle that says ”Vul de poll in en win!”.

I’ll be uploading some cool behind the scenes stuff, stay tuned..

Wouter and Snickers

ps: here’s the interview for the newspaper. The title says ”I won’t stop untill I work at Pixar”. I was kind of kidding, but I still meant it a bit.. :)

And here’s a little co-op of my ever-so-supporting cousin Titou and myself. He took the picture, I did the 3D. It’s for my BBQ invitiation.