Hi friends,

I’m enjoying my holiday very very much. Went away for a while and now I’m focusing on sending my film to all the interesting shortfilm festivals.

I’m not in a very talkative mood at the moment, so I’ll just let the pictures below do the talking.

PS: My film is being shown all summer long (july and august) in the Euroscoop in Genk, Belgium, every thrusday and sunday right before the ”Projector cinema” film. Special thanks to Kristof Reulens and Eddie Guldolf for that! Here is the movie line-up for Projector cinema this summer: http://www.projectorcinema.be/

And I won the ”Zebracinema” prize with my short Mouse for sale. My short will be screened in front of the Zebracinema film in 8 theatres all over Limburg, Belgium, for a week. Here is the program for Zebracinema: http://www.zebracinema.be/programma I will also be part of a discussionpanel for an animationevening special at Z33 in Hasselt. Details will follow.

Taking a break from animating, with a coffee of course.

Modeling the head of one of the kids. It wasn’t easy to make a simple yet appealing design.

Rough storyboardbrainstorming at a café.

Snickers listening to some music.

My buddy Garif Telzhanov hitting the strings at the recording of the music for the movie.

Anton Walgrave overseeing the recording at recording studio Sugar Beat (Tienen, Belgium).

All the bandmembers taking a break from recording, left to right: Johan Ruyters, Olivier Wery, Graif Telzhanov and Yoan Fernandez.

My man Olivier Wery, the composer of the music and drummer of the band, thinking things over.

The filmmusic written by Mister Wery.

The band and I, at the end of a long day of recording.

Mixing the sound (foley, music, ambiance) with my superstephbrother Bert Lenaerts.

One of the several after-work hours soundmixing with Bert.

A screenshot from a 3D scene of the movie.

The kid gone bad for no apparent reason.

A funny coincidence during the compositing of the final renders: a parallel universe.

The 5 computers at school that I used for rendering. Total amount of rendering was about 1000 hours.

Screenshot of the movie: another kid, Alfred, enters the petshop..

Mouse for sale: Snickers has got an idea.

Mouse for sale: peanut!

Mouse for sale: Alfred and Snickers.

My little girl, me and my big nose on a holiday in France. Love this picture.