Hi friends,

I gave a workshop in Genk today, about the basics of 3D animation. The cultural center of Genk has moved to a new location, right next to the old mines. They renovated the old minebuildings as well, such an amazing atmosphere.. For the opening of this new cultural centre they organised a lot of workshops. They asked me to give one dealing with 3D animation.

I really enjoyed giving the workshop. First I went over the basics of 3D animation, every time illustrating the particular phase with my own film (= ”Mouse for sale”). Then we did some basic modeling and animation. It really surprised me how fast they got the hang of it all.

It was really fun sharing all this ”knowlegde” with these nice people. It was great seeing them experience how fun it is to make a ball bounce in 3D, or model a simple truck.

Hope to do this again in the future.

Peace, Wouter