Hi friends,

last week was an amazing week: I won the VAF Wildcard for animation and got the 2nd prize in the animation competition with Mouse for sale, at the International Short Film Festival in Leuven, Belgium.

The VAF Wildcard means that the Flemish Audiovisual Fund grants me a scholarship to make a new short. It has to be minimum 5 minutes long and the deadline is 31 December 2012. 2 fiction filmmakers, 2 documentary filmmakers and myself as an animation filmmaker all won this scholarship. Here is more info: click here.

It is absolutely surreal to be awarded this prize… The fact that I get this amazing chance to make a new short is crazy. The great thing is that I can choose how to spend the budget on the production, which people to work with and have complete ownership of the film from a creative standpoint. Still can’t fully believe it actually.

I never thought my little simple film would have so much of an impact. I feel so blessed with people coming towards me every day, telling me how much they enjoyed the short. It’s so rewarding seeing so many people enjoying the film.

Here’s a short video registration of the last evening at the International Short Film Festival in Leuven. My part is somewhere near the end, if you would be interested.

Congrats to all the VAF Wildcard winners!