Hi guys,

thought I’d keep you guys up to date about what I’m doing at the moment and what I’ve been doing lately. Here’s a small overview..

In progress / doing at the moment:

screenwriting and storyboarding my new animated shortfilm (with the VAF Wildcard budget)

supervising and doing the post-production for a short ”Feeling” magazine commercial for the Flemish TV (assignment by Hotel Hungaria)

making 1,5 minute of animation for a segment of a kids-program pilot, possibly for a Flemish TV-station (initiative of a group of freelancing television makers)

illustrating for the sketchbook of Genk (doing this now and then, and will be doing this for quite a while)

Done / recently completed:

post-production of a Toyota Prius commercial for national television (assignment by Hotel Hungaria)

making the storyboard and animatic of an episode of an animated series for kids, for a Flemish TV-station (assignment by animation studio Hoaxland)

supervising and doing the post-production and animation for 4 internetcommercials for DVV Verzekeringen (assignment by Hotel Hungaria), one can still be found here: Jean-Marie Pfaff trickshots

Things have been going very well and I’ve been able to keep busy all the time. Getting out of school and finding a way into the professional world was a challenge. But by sticking to the philosophy of always doing your best, however big or small the project, and always trying to deliver great work, things worked out.

I’ve almost always been working at my home on all the projects, as a freelancer. It’s got its pros and cons. Biggest pro is that you can structure your day as you wish. (Which is a con at the same time.) Biggest con is that you are working on your own for most of the time. (Which is a pro at the same time.) All in all, I like it and I’m very grateful to be in the position that I am in now.

Here’s a peek at my workroom.

cheers W