Hi readers,

time for another post.

As described in the last post I was invited at the Film Festival of Ghent to participate at a debate about working abroad vs. working in Belgium, in the audio-visual business. That was a few weeks ago, but it was really an interesting and truthful discussion, everyone saying like it is. The group consisted of 2 studio bosses, a leader of a cultural/audio-visual concern, a teacher/freelancer, Frédéric Du Chau (director in the States for Disney), myself (starting freelancer/director) and Jan Verheyen (director in Belgium) as the moderator.

We talked about our experiences working in Belgium and abroad. Frédéric mainly comparing the American style of working with the European/Belgian style. It was great hearing first hand from him how things work overseas. He knows about both sides, which made him the ideal person to compare them. It was very inspiring to hear him talk about his path of life and how he fulfilled his dreams. How tough it was and how worthwhile it has been.

We also talked a great deal about education and school. That’s where I kicked in. We asked ourself a lot of questions, talking from our own experiences. Things like: is the gap between the graduating student and the actual industry too big? Is integrating students in studio’s (a bit like I did by doing extra internships) a good thing? How can we take students to the next level, during their studies? I really enjoyed the fact that people really said what they thought, even if it meant you bothered someone else by doing so. This made the discussion worthwhile.

I also had the chance to show my graduation short Mouse for sale to Frédéric and to get feedback from him. He said he was pretty impressed and said that I should go for it, if I was thinking to work in the States. It was a bit surreal talking about it and I said I would think about it.

But anyway, here’s a picture of the whole gang. Except for me, because I was on the toilet for 2 minutes the moment the photographer came by.. So far for my timing. So I drew myself in the picture as best as I could.

Here’s one with me in real life.

And one with Frédéric.

In every day life I’m still working on the new film. Going over it again and again and again. Have to get it right. More about that later.