Hi buddies,

made a small illustration this weekend for my good Berlin based Belgian screenwriting pal Bert Vandecasteele. I have been working closely together with Bert these last couple of months, writing on the script of my new animated short, with the VAF Wildcard. It’s great sharing insights with him, brainstorming together, listening to him analyzing my script and picking each other’s brain. Makes writing so much more fun, compared to when I was writing alone on Mouse for sale. Here’s a picture of Bert and I next to the Berlin wall, when was in Berlin with my girlfriend for a week.

Here’s his website: http://web-epos.be/  and the reviews and analyses he makes: http://web-epos.be/reviews/

Bert submitted an exposé for a screenwriting contest and I made an illustration for the front page. It’s an adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tail ”The Tinderbox”. I have also been involved in the development of the writing for a small part, which was great to get the feel for the atmosphere I had to create in the drawing. The man who owns the tinderbox sees a woman in the flame and finds her.

Here it is. Drew it first on paper and painted it in Photoshop. I am finally experimenting more with brushes, trying to get a more tactile painting.