Heya visitors,

finally I have the honor to present to you the 2 books I have drawn for the city of Genk, where I grew up in.

2 books? One is a kind of diary of myself, filled with drawings of important places of the city or of places that have a special meaning to me. It’s a hard cover, has color and is very sturdy. This kind of personal sketchbook is meant for the more grown up audience. The other book is for all the energetic kids that want to color their asses off: it’s a coloring book. It’s kind of a simplified version of the other one. But there are a lot of drawings as well that are drawn specially for this one, things I thought the kids of Genk would enjoy coloring.

It is just such an honor to get the chance to do this for my city. Big props go to Kristof Reulens who came up with the idea of making this book and initiated it. ”Why wouldn’t we make a book filled with drawings of our city? Wouldn’t that be great?” I thought so too, so we did it.

I really took my time making these books, drawing mostly during the weekends, while working on other projects. It was liberating going out again with a piece of paper and my pencil and marker. No computers, no pixels, just paper, pen and the outsides. I didn’t get pressured either, by the city, and I was really trusted with the project, being allowed to do what I think would be right.

Another great part of the project was working together with the talented couple Daan Linsen and Debora Lauwers. Their graphic design bureau: http://www.postcardofapainting.com/ Debora her Tumblr: http://deboralauwers.tumblr.com/ They were put in charge of putting the books together, doing the layouts and pimping things up. It was real fun to have their original and experienced look on things and to learn and work with them. Together we created a kind of worn out look of the hardcover book, trying to make it a cosy and used sketchbook. They really added a lot to the book, giving it a lot more feeling and character. Down here you see all three of us.

A picture is worth a 1000 words, so I’ll cut the talk. Here’s a (pretty big) peak at the 2 books! They are sold in Genk in the Uit in Genk shop (in between the library and the train station), in the C-mine shop and in the bookshop Malpertuis in Genk. The hard cover is 20€, the coloring book 5€. Enjoy!