Dear friends,

since a couple of months I am working full time on my new short ”Mia”, together with the incredible crew of Creative Conspiracy, in Gent. Though I could already show you several visuals and stuff, I would still like to keep them to myself. Don’t want to jinx what we got going. :)

But no worries, here’s something else I can finally share with you: the short animated sequences I directed for the Flemish television program ”Groenland” on Eén, made by production house Hotel Hungaria.

Together with amazing animator Matty Jorissen and Wijnand Driessen (Matte! Nande?) we made animated segments, each +-10 seconds long, that merged two different video items of the gardening program. Every week for 43 weeks, we made 2 of these segments, resulting in a total of about 14 minutes of animation.

The character animation was entirely made in Flash, though we tried to keep an organic and tactile feel to it. Backgrounds were hand painted on paper, with aquarel and pencil. Compositing was done in After Effects.
It was quite a challenge for us to deliver these pieces every week, for a whole tv season, in between other work. We’re very glad we pulled it off. Keeping the gags funny and/or original was our main focus, while staying in the feeling of the program in its whole.

Here’s a montage of some of the best moments. Watch full screen and in HD for more eye candies! Enjoy!