Hey friends,

I have decided to finally post some artwork I made for my new short ‘Mia’, which we are currently making. These are stills I painted in Photoshop during the development of the short, that should represent the look of the final film.

At the time I made a complete production dossier with the script, character descriptions, my intention, these paintings and more. Together with my producer Viviane Vanfleteren (Vivi Film) we went out to find a studio that wanted to make the film with us. That studio turned out to be Creative Conspiracy, located in Ghent. It’s there that I have had the privilege to be directing my film with the studio’s super awesome team. And since about 2 weeks NMTrix from Alkmaar, The Netherlands has joined us on the animation department.

I would like to keep it short, because we are still in production and I am still in focused mode. I will let the paintings do the talking.