Dear friends,

I am writing this from the Warsaw Film Festival in Poland where we had the world premiere of Mia yesterday. It went great. :) Finally sitting in the venue and feeling the emotions and reactions of the crowd was just awesome. The film really came through and with that a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders. Goosebumps everywhere.

It’s such an inspiration to go to film festivals like this. You meet so many filmmakers, journalists, critics, organisators from all over the globe: Canada, the UK, South-Korea, Japan, Australia, Belarus, Argentine, Chile, Romania, … The list goes on and on. Hanging out together in the evenings and talking about our joys, hopes, anxieties, dreams – it’s such a wonderful feeling. I have some great anecdotes, pictures and videos to share with you next blogpost.

But for now, here’s the teaser for Mia!