Hi friends,

decided to share some commercial work.

I get the chance to do quite some commercials in between things, although I haven’t really shared much of them here. Commercials are a great way to learn how to work fast and efficient. Plus a good school to stay calm and open for feedback at any given moment. You need to be quick with your changes and always, always communicate as clearly and directy as possible with the client/agency. There’s also the balance of putting in your own ideas versus the briefing. People expect you to do your thing, but within the given limitations.

This one I actually made during my visit to LA and San Diego for a screening of Mia. It was quite hectic, dealing with the jetlag, going to meetings and trying to see a bit of the place. The time difference made the communication a lot harder and the deadline was very tight. I actually finished this one on Thanksgiving while staying with good friends in San Diego. I roamed the shops at night with my buddy on Black Friday to celebrate the ad being done. Unfortunately, the day after I already had to fly back home. But I still very much enjoyed making it abroad and am happy with the outcome.

Now that I think about it, I’ll post something about the trips I have been able to make the last couple of months in a next post. Might be fun to share. :)