Made an animation for an ‘anti-alcohol under 16’ campaign together with Michélé De Feudis. We made the commercial from start to finish: idea, script, storyboard, designs, animation. dEUS drummer Stéphane Misseghers made the catchy soundtrack. The briefing we got: let the kids know not to start too soon with drinking. So we decided to portray of bunch of people in different situations starting too soon with something and failing because of that. Had a blast working together with Michélé on this one.

Client: VAD / De Druglijn
Direction, design & animation: Wouter Bongaerts / Michélé De Feudis
Audio: Stéphane Misseghers

Here’s a peek into the evolution of the designs.

blog_BNTV_001 blog_BNTV_002blog_BNTV_003 blog_BNTV_004blog_BNTV_005blog_BNTV_006blog_BNTV_007 blog_BNTV_008 blog_BNTV_010blog_BNTV_009  blog_BNTV_011 blog_BNTV_012

It was even featured on the news :)