Wouter Bongaerts, aka Wally, is an animationaddict with a passion for lines, colours, movement and art.

Born in 1986 and residing in Belgium, he is living his dream: making animated movies.

In 2010 Wouter won several international prizes with his graduation short ”Mouse for sale”, including the VAF Wildcard for animation. The short has also been acquired by Disney for screening rights on their YouTube channel.

This Wildcard granted Wouter a scholarship to direct his first professional short: ”Mia”. A 9 minuted computer animated short, produced by Vivi Film (Les Triplettes de Belleville, Brandan and the Secret of Kells) and created at the animation studios Creative Conspiracy in Gent and NMTrix in Alkmaar. Mia has just started her festival life but has already won the Audience Award for best animated short at the Int. Film Festival in Austin, Texas. For upcoming screenings and more news, feel free to stay in touch with this blog.

Apart from making animated shorts Wouter directs and creates animated pieces for commercials and tv programs.
If you have any further questions or wish to contact him, feel free to do so at:

wouterbongaerts@gmail.com  or