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Here’s a small montage of some of the footage of my trip to Warsaw for Mia. Had such a great time… I had never been to eastern Europe before. Was very inspirational and new to me. But most of all it were all the filmmakers and organisators that made it special.
(My buddy you see here is of course Bert Vandecasteele, with who I wrote Mia. Portfolio: )



Dear friends,

I am writing this from the Warsaw Film Festival in Poland where we had the world premiere of Mia yesterday. It went great. :) Finally sitting in the venue and feeling the emotions and reactions of the crowd was just awesome. The film really came through and with that a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders. Goosebumps everywhere.

It’s such an inspiration to go to film festivals like this. You meet so many filmmakers, journalists, critics, organisators from all over the globe: Canada, the UK, South-Korea, Japan, Australia, Belarus, Argentine, Chile, Romania, … The list goes on and on. Hanging out together in the evenings and talking about our joys, hopes, anxieties, dreams – it’s such a wonderful feeling. I have some great anecdotes, pictures and videos to share with you next blogpost.

But for now, here’s the teaser for Mia!

Hey friends,

I have decided to finally post some artwork I made for my new short ‘Mia’, which we are currently making. These are stills I painted in Photoshop during the development of the short, that should represent the look of the final film.

At the time I made a complete production dossier with the script, character descriptions, my intention, these paintings and more. Together with my producer Viviane Vanfleteren (Vivi Film) we went out to find a studio that wanted to make the film with us. That studio turned out to be Creative Conspiracy, located in Ghent. It’s there that I have had the privilege to be directing my film with the studio’s super awesome team. And since about 2 weeks NMTrix from Alkmaar, The Netherlands has joined us on the animation department.

I would like to keep it short, because we are still in production and I am still in focused mode. I will let the paintings do the talking.








Hi all,

here it is, the working title of my new short: Mia.

The screenplay is final and at the moment, I am storyboarding, designing and just engulfing myself with the movie. Trying to keep it running through my veins.

As I said in the previous post, I’ve written it with my friend Bert Vandecasteele. More to come in the following months..


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