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Quite a while ago my sister gave me this: a little metal box with Mister Strong on it and inside of it a tiny orange origami bird. She said to me: this is what I wish for you, to be strong on the outside and to stay tender on the inside. I’ve always liked having it lying around on my desk somewhere.

Over the last couple of months I have been realizing that it’s ok to be tender and vulnerable. That your vulnerability is actually what makes you strong.

In a museum about fairy tales I read the following lines that reminded me of what my sister said: ” […] for the hero(ine) to find the courage to be vulnerable. Because those who don’t dare to be vulnerable never really start their quest.”



Found an old picture of myself from another life.

Just got back from Berlin, visiting a couple of friends and getting to know the city. It was just as gritty and raw as i imagined it would be. The city breathes and bleeds history, everything you see has a story. A very active and youthful place, full of life and initiative. A very inspirational place to be, really liked it.

Hey folks,

work is coming along good. I’m almost ready to start bringing all the characters of my little movie to life (= animating). The technical preperations and set-ups are almost a wrap.

Here’s a little thank you for all you guys who have been supporting me so far: today I’ve let Snickers  into the snow for the first time. He was a bit sceptic at first but ended up loving it.. Haha..

Thanks everyone!


Macro photos from my macroperiod, last year. Taken with an old Nikkormat FT3.



A photo i took from the projection of one of my more experimental animations, made begin 2008. Dealing with the theme ”the grail”. The drops are 3D, the background is video i manipulated. I’m not too fond of the whole thing, but i do like this image itself.


Here’s a peak inside studio [sinematik]* in Brussels, where i’m doing my internship. It’s situated in the centre of Brussels: Aalststraat 7-11, 1000 Brussels.

All is going very well. The boss from Paris just asked if i also wanted to help out on the modeling of the characters of the movie. Waw.. See this older post for more information about the project.

Le studio et les mecs sont trop génials!!




A picture taken in 2006, in Bodrum. It’s an analog photo i edited digitally. Looks just like a Märklin miniature train-landscape now.

Found a tutorial to simulate the ’tilt shifting’ photography technique in photoshop.found here

an older school assignment i enjoyed

some pictures taken with an old analogue camera

take your time to enjoy them =)


Welcome to the blog of the Belgian animator called Wouter 'Wally' Bongaerts. This is where he puts his sketches, photo's and works in progress. It's kept simple for your pleasure. Feel free to roam around or contact him at!

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